by Amanda Tee

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Amnesia 02:57
I wake up, but there is no morning on my face I get up, I don’t see anyone calling my name I look up, I look up, I look up and the sky is green I reach out, then I’m falling there’s nothing at my feet Am-n-esia I got one day I don’t know why, I don’t know why It’s not too late For a mai tai, for a mai tai Is there someone Here in my life, here in my life Focus my mind On that bright light, on that bright light Am-n-esia I am wandering over the eye I am wandering over the eye I’ve been wandering all of my life I’ve been wandering all of my life (I am fallen I’m fallen I have found my I’ve found my)
Hold that thought, patriarch You move alone, but you move stones We paint them black as you watch us Recollect, return The ones that crack back to you Well I know you won’t fall asleep tonight I’ve followed you home, I’ve seen you shed your skin Cause ‘neath the black, you are shining ‘neath the rags is laughter, ‘neath that laugh could you see * Me as the same as you You as the first thing I see when I open my eyes Come off that burning step you will find here it’s not As cold as the ice My love can be your love Watch as the calvary bow when your hand touches mine I’m standing right here and I dare you to love me But I know what you would say But hold that thought, Hold that thought Hold that thought, matriarch Leave these walls, don’t you worry Take my hand and i will show you Take your heart let it soar Take your eyes let them see * CHORUS
I am the order of the sea And you are king The clouds of your fraudu-love surround me While you are clean Sail along And I see Rivers the colour of your semblance They’re changing, stream by stream Stop telling me every teardrop’s a sparkle That I can’t see Sail along You are not getting any younger So leave me be
The Cat 03:51
I want, I want things Want tomorrow to up and get lost Want some sleep Cause the en (cause the end is near) cyclopedias Kissed the flames And my bo (oh this bothersome thing) ttle is empty Like my wallet tell me How we’ve come To our own Schizophrenia But you’re all I see (I will see) You at ten with your keys I want to tell you It’s a terribly bad mistake, It won’t do Cause there’s things (oh they’re bad things) that could bite you (bad bad things) if I’m gone (oh they’re animals,animals) Whereas I (whereas i) only bite you (I will bite) Where you want want me, we know We’re come To our own Schizophrenia But it’s fine by me Can’t we stay in Arcadia Where you’re all I see (I will see) You at ten with your keys We were so merry We were so merry We were so merry (I don’t understand why this is changing, this is changing) We were so merry (I don’t understand why this is changing, this is changing) I won’t (I will not) I won’t I won’t call you I’ll just slip in from your back door, like a cat I will watch (oh she’s late) as you miss me (oh she’s late) when I’m late You will change (take me back) your mind (take me back) While I take my leave, oh We’re still In our own Schizophrenia But it’s fine by me Can’t we stay in Arcadia But you’re all I see (I will see) You at ten But you won’t (you won’t see) See me I will never leave
Sleep 03:36
You say you’ve come for me This is no place for my heart to swim in You have seen the sun drown in sadness And stones they weep But I have learnt the reason in madness Why drunks they sleep well I’m back you, say Come back I’ve lost my love again But what is love but unfolding perception Well time is grounding Two hours and fifteen minutes for shots to leap And fifty-one days, internal combustion Then I can sleep well Come back you say But I’m gone So goodbye, goodbye Now I can close my eyes, on my own Warm in my heart as your coffee’s getting cold I’m just fine on my own Thank you for asking, oh What were you thinking, though How do you love one who loves on a whim? Your coffee’s been paid for You’re not what I came for So goodbye Goodbye
Funny, how it ends like this Jackie feels like she’s flying; she’s got no wings Closed eyes, don’t cry, look for the light Stars they must be beautiful tonight * All alone, Jackie sings Game is over, Jackie thinks Sure is cold this evening She doesn’t feel a thing Gently, could it end with ease Life’s been quiet, why not this But no, cue thunder, enter rain Whoever’s up there, spare her pain * CHORUS Oh, it’s time for some parting words Something indelible, maybe like “All I wanted was all I needed Now I can’t discern between faith and hope Goodbye life, Goodbye love Goodbye all that I’ve ever felt being with you Goodbye happy, goodbye fear Goodbye, bye” * CHORUS


released August 9, 2014

Written, produced, recorded, mixed by Amanda Tee
Mastered with Mercury Mastering

All instruments by Amanda Tee except for the following:
Hold That Thought/ Slide Acoustic Guitar: Clement Yang Xi, Drums: Melvin Loh
I Can Feel You There/ Male Vocals & Bass: Nelson Tan, Drums: Melvin Loh
Sleep/ Double Bass: Nelson Tan, Drums: Melvin Loh
Jackie’s Lament/ Cello: Peh Xiang Hong


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Amanda Tee Singapore

Folk-inspired tunes from a tiny, sunny island.

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